Football Players Think Pep Rally Is Over, Then Their Moms Line Up For Epic Dance


Back in high school, you might remember thinking your mom or dad wasn’t exactly the coolest.

But they no doubt didn’t let that stop them from trying hard — maybe too hard? — to make you think they were one of the “hip ‘rents.” It’s all in the name of love, though. And when parents are just about bursting with pride, they do pretty crazy things. When Steele High School’s football team was heading to the playoffs, the school threw them a big pep rally. Naturally, though, the parents were not about to be left out.

The bleachers in the high school gym are packed as the announcer tells the students some guest performers are about to hit center court. A few moments later, 11 women walk out with matching outfits and white masks on.

After getting into formation, the routine starts, but no one knows who the surprise dancers are still!

They don’t let the attention get to them, though, executing their routine flawlessly.

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