Four friends sing Dolly Parton, bring house down with unique twist


I consider myself to be an avid Internet surfer. I have seen all sorts of videos and laughed at the classics that have ended up going viral. I can tell you to this day, there are very few times that I see something that leaves me truly impressed. Once you have seen as many videos as I have, there are very few things that can leave a lasting impression. One of my favorite categories to watch is talent shows.

Talent shows are not really a new thing, but they are new as far as the format goes. These shows have a simple but effective structure. You have a bunch of people who are looking to showcase their talent to the world and become famous at the same time. There are several types of contestants. Some of them have been trying to make it big for a long time but haven’t had much success. They have knocked on a few doors only to have them shut back in their faces. I can only imagine what they must have felt.

There are other contestants, which have developed their talents in the shadows. These people have not shown many others what they can do. This is mostly because they have been afraid to do so. Many times, they have very low self-esteem. The thought of performing in front of a crowd only to be told they are not good enough, is frightening to them. So, they choose to remain anonymous and perform their act behind closed doors.

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