French Man Revealed His Parents Hated His Talent


America’s Got Talent sees all sorts of people come for auditions. Just when you think you’ve seen everything, people always surprise you with more. This season of the hit show is no different. Tony and Jordan, 21-year-old twins from France, had a few surprises up their sleeves for the judges.

The act stared out with just Tony. Using a few props on the stage, he “replicated himself”. There were two of him that came from behind the screen!

The entire act was incredible, with the twins showing off a very interactive routine with the screen and the lady on it.

They made it look like they were pulling things from out of the screen itself, and throwing things directly into the other side of the screen.

In the end, the lady herself appeared from right out of the screen. If that wasn’t impressive enough, they conjured another lady just like her out of thin air!

The judges were visibly impressed by these two. Let’s hope they get to achieve their dreams!

Check out their stunning performance below: