Girl played Van Halen song on her drums


Even I have trouble with that off beat at the guitar solo, the fact she can do it is just CRAZY! Natural talent, gotta love when she’s singing along! Keep playing girl!

Learning how to play a new instrument properly is an accomplishment. Many people spend years trying to master and hone their skills, but even they can’t get it right sometimes. That is why when I saw this little girl of five and her unparalleled drumming talent, I was blown away! You are going to be stumped when you see this cutie for yourself!

Eduarda Henklein Baterista is really small in age, but that doesn’t stop her from covering some classics. In the following video, she covers Van Halen! When watching her play, it is really hard to believe what your own eyes are showing you!

Drumming is a skillset that requires patience and a boatload of coordination. While most five-year-olds are concentrating on keeping their Crayons within the lines, this little girl hammers away behind the drums.

No, not the drum pad that is the typical introduction to the instrument — we’re talking the full kit! What makes this little drummer even more special is that she’s covering the System of a Down classic “Chop Suey.”

Beginning the cover with a yawn, Eduarda Henklein cruises through the song, making it look easy. She even implements the technique of resting the stick on the hi-hat rather than catching it to mute the cymbal during the spastic verse. Singing along while she plays, the Brazilian drummer doesn’t simply hit the appropriate pieces of the kit; she puts on a performance. Smiling throughout, this little one looks like a pro.

This little girl is going to be an epic drummer when she grows up! Just look at her go! Watch amazing little Eduarda in the video given below! impressive isn’t she? Let us know what you thought about this video in the comments!