Girl Ready To Irish Dance At Wedding


It’s hard not to bust a move at a wedding. The music is pounding, everyone is in a great mood and love is in the air – it’s the perfect combination to let loose and have fun on the dance floor.

This exciting atmosphere is exactly why one nine-year-old decided to jump up and showcase her legendary Irish dance moves! She has the crowd going wild!

While we all love watching this little girl dance across the floor, the history of traditional Irish dancing is worth talking about! Although it’s hard to pinpoint an exact time in history when Irish dancing came to be, most historians believe that it was created in the 16th century.

From there, the dance style sprung up around the country and started to be adapted to different forms. The Irish dancers used the style to demonstrate their joy during celebrations and gatherings – they would dance on tabletops and spread cheer no matter what the event was!

Today, Irish dancing is a great way to honor one’s heritage and showcase their incredible skill! The latter is why this sweet little lady wanted to show off her fun Irish dance moves!

As soon as she popped onto the dance floor, it was clear to everyone that they were in for a big treat! Sure enough, the spunky nine-year-old started to bop, jig and bounce to the music just like a traditional Irish dancer!

Even Grandma had to get in on the fun and dance a few steps with the little girl and her partner! The little dude is tearing up the dance floor right beside the sweet little girl.

The crowd is loving their stint and forms a U-shape around them. They clap and cheer right along with the kids as they jig their hearts out.