Girl Starts Skating Performance, Crowd Lights Up When Twin Brother Joins In As The Nutcracker


It’s fantastic when you find someone who shares the same passion as you. Having a buddy or family member there to encourage, inspire, and motivate you is always something that can be appreciated; and that’s the reason why you’re going to love the video below.

It shows two four-year-old twins, Katarina and Dakota, who are avid ice skaters. But for these two, ice skating is not just a hobby! It’s something that they adore and something that they’ve been practicing together since they could walk! Now isn’t that dedication?

In the footage, which was taken at a competition, you’ll see sweet Katarina standing on the ice, in a still position. Just then, her brother joins her and the pair give the crowd a show that is sincerely mesmerising and unforgettable—a show that no one in the audience was expecting, that’s for sure!

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