Girls Line Up Onstage


We’ve seen some pretty spectacular talent show performances in the past. From ventriloquists to puppeteering, singing and baton twirling, children always have something special up their sleeves!

But these ladies planned a routine that was different than anything we’ve ever seen before in the past! With mismatched tights, the girls lined up in a row before their church’s congregation and showed them what they’ve spent weeks practicing for…

The girls wore black and white tights and moved their legs in unison while the music played over the loudspeakers. They used the two different colors to create an interesting optical illusion!

It was hard to tell whose legs were whose and if they were connected to one body or two! From kicks to “jumps,” catwalking and more – these girls knew how to make their routine stand out from the others!

There were a handful of actions that obviously took a ton of time to perfect, but they were able to nail each one flawlessly. It was pretty impressive!

At the very end of their performance, the crowd erupted with cheers and rose to their feet to show their appreciation. It’s clear that their creativity tickled the audience’s funny bone and it was something many of them had never seen before.

Their hard work, weeks of practice and dedication made the difference and the girls took home a prize that afternoon. While not all churches have talent shows, this one sure was a hit!

How wonderful that this group of girls were able to showcase their talents at their church. They were a blessing to their congregation that day.

Take a peek at this eye-catching routine for yourself in the video below.