Girls Stand In A Line


There are so many forms of dancing in the world. Every culture has its own dance, and some have preserved it while some have disappeared with time. Among the world’s dances, the Irish dance is still going on and going strong. It is like tap dance, but it has a very specific style. The music involved in it is also quite unique, which involves fiddles.

While the exact history of traditional Irish dancing is unsure, many people claim that it started in the 16th century. It was a huge part of the nation’s history and culture.

Once the Irish dancing became a huge part of life, many traveling troupes began to take over the country and spreading their exceptional skill, dancing on tabletops and spreading the joy around.

The following video shows little girls performing a stunning Irish dance together. They are even dressed in matching clothes that look so good together. Their movements are so perfectly in sync. Their footwork is really impressive. You can only imagine how long it took for them to perfect their moves. After this, no wonder the internet is buzzing about their performance!