Glennis Grace Performs ‘Run to You’ by Whitney Huston on AGT Stage and Absolutely Nails It.


Glennis Grace managed to win the heart of the main judge on America’s Got Talent with her soaring rendition of Whitney Houston’s “Run to You”. Before she blew everyone away with her cover, she admitted that she is a single mother who got inspired by her son to take part in the audition.

She was having second thoughts right before she came on the program, but she was later assured that 39 is not an old age to start a new era in life, and this is indeed a crucial moment in her career. Glennis adds that she wanted to challenge herself by taking the stage, and it was Simon who told her that he has a feeling he is looking at the future star of the screen.

While Mel B and Heidi Klum were also very positive about assessing the singer’s talents, they said that she needs to bring more personal touch to her next performances, because they wish to know more about the power of her vocals and original compositions she is going to prepare next.

The cover is so wonderful that it will instantly give you the nostalgia vibes, because the hit is the official soundtrack to the renowned movie of the 1990s. It’s almost like the music industry of today needs more vocalists like Glennis Grace. There are also experts who claim that the performer is already a professional and she doesn’t need talent shows to prove that she can achieve her dreams.

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