Grandmother Rocks Out In Leather Outfit On “Britain’s Got Talent” Audition.


Like it or not, we sometimes tend to judge a person based solely on their appearance.

Before they even open their mouths, we can usually guess a few things about their personality, their jobs, or their way of life. Yet every so often, someone comes along who is nothing like what they appear to be. On an episode of “Britain’s Got Talent,” a woman named Jenny Darren reminded everyone to never judge a book by its cover.

As Jenny stood before the judges, she looked like any other retired grandmother. The 68-year-old grandma wore a frumpy skirt and tattered cardigan, her hair loosely pinned atop her head in a bun. Little did anyone know that this was one grandmother with a secret!
As soon as it’s her turn to start her act, Jenny starts disrobing.

You can almost hear what Simon’s thinking, and it’s probably something like, “This is either going to be amazing or an unmitigated disaster.”

But Jenny is just getting warmed up!