Groom Was Slow Dancing With His Mom


People try their best to make their wedding unforgettable. Some of them invite celebrities, some of them entertain their guests with magic, while some of them bring the house down with their customized songs. The video below features a duo that has recently gone viral on the internet for their mother-son dance. Wait till you see them move together!

Groom Gabe Helguera and his mom, Susan, were slow dancing. But then it took a completely different turn. The music changed and the pair was soon dancing to Michael Jackson’s hit song, “Billie Jean”. Gabe and Susan danced to some other songs as well, including a few of today’s hits too. The groom says that the whole idea was his mom’s.

There are so many talented people around the world! They say that every person has some talent, the only thing needed is to reveal it. Some personalities discover it being kids, while the others can’t do it throughout the life. Watch this video to see the person, who was lucky in this issue and discovered inner talent. Just awesome! Incredible talent!

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