Guys sings “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”


They are incredible! That was awesome as always! They were on fire! Steve was so ablaze from beginning to end that he was positively glowing in the dark.

It is not only the voice and the song, they’re also gorgeous. Amazing performance! You have to watch this video! They are so talented and wonderful! This video became one of my favorite now – and I bet will become yours too! Just read the article before watching the video and turn on! You will be exited! Please, share this incredible video on Facebook and comment your thoughts about it in the comment section below! Enjoy!

Straight No Chaser is a music group that absolutely blows their audiences away! This acapella version is absolutely fantastic to hear and it will amaze you! Don’t miss a minute because you will likely never hear this song sung so uniquely.

These guys perform so well together, it is incredible to hear them. When you listen to them perform, you will think you are hearing instruments playing but there is not a single one. The only sounds are coming from their mouths.

«The Lion Sleeps Tonight», also known as «In The Jungle», or any of «Wimoweh», «Wimba Way» or «Awimbawe», is a song written and recorded originally by Solomon Linda with the Evening Birds for the South African Gallo Record Company in 1939, under the title «Mbube».

Composed in Zulu, it was adapted and covered internationally by many 1950’s and 60’s pop and folk revival artists, including the Weavers, Jimmy Dorsey, Yma Sumac, Miriam Makeba and the Kingston Trio. In 1961, it became a number one hit in the United States as adapted in English with the best-known version by the doo-wop group the Tokens. It went on to earn at least US$15 million in royalties from cover versions and film licensing. Check out this highly talented group as they perform “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”!