Gymnasts Stand Around A Mat


Gymnasts like you’ve never seen before flooded the stage for a unique performance that took everyone’s breath away. This intriguing group called TS Goetzis Zurcaroh is composed of men and women who dressed up in neon costumes and blue hair in order to make their performance stand out among the rest.

This was no easy thing being a part of the World Gym for Life Challenge. But they all were unified in their desire to make their incredible performance come to life from the second they walked out to begin.

At first they duck down around the mat, then they form a grid pattern. That’s when the real performance begins.

They added in elements of surprise that only kept you guessing what they would do next. One moment they would be sitting low to the floor and the next they would be soaring to the ceiling.

It was so unpredictable! As eye-catching as they were by their costumes alone, their moves took their performance to a level that had those in the audience sitting at the edge of their seats waiting to see what they would do next.

With music by Cirque du Soleil and Mark Mancina playing, they gave everyone a whole experience to enjoy. The greatest performances of all time are ones that are thought-provoking.

Their vivid costumes and amazing moves combined are amazing. Their God-given talents are astounding!

It’s impossible to watch and not think, “How do they do it?” Yet when you see that they can pull off everything they set out to do, you’re left feeling amazed.

Their moves are impeccable. Their strength infallible.

Even the moves the youngest ones are able to perform will leave you awestruck. You truly have to see it to believe it!

Watch them take it away with their performance in the video below.