“Hallelujah” Starts Playing


Many of us couldn’t imagine whirling and twirling on the ice, but for Taryn Jurgensen, she couldn’t imagine life any other way. Taryn has been skating since she was a little girl and is ready to show the world what she’s made of during a local showcase.

Her God-given skills are amazing and she’s about to highlight her ability. Shaking off the nerves, Taryn skates onto the ice and waits for her song to begin…

Even though people have been skating on frozen ponds and lakes for centuries, the sport of “ice skating” is something that was really developed in the mid-19th century. Initially, the popular style of skating was stiff and boring – that was until the “father of modern figure skating,” Jackson Haines, stepped in during the 1860s.

He knew that ice skating should be more fluid and beautiful, rather than rigid and uncomfortable. After spreading the news about his revolutionary style and allowing it time to gain traction, the The International Skating Union was created in the early 1890s.

From there, the history of ice skating continued to develop and the sport as we know it today gained popularity all over the world. It’s one of the most popular Olympic events, too.

The feeling of freedom on the ice and the exhilaration of performing in front of an audience is what pushed Taryn to enter into the Los Angeles Showcase. Skating to “Hallelujah” by Alexandra Burke (a rendition of Leonard Cohen’s hit), Taryn takes the ice and demonstrates her incredible skill.

From twirls to jumps, Taryn nails every single move! She’s so good! In fact, she’s so amazing that she won the Funakoshi Trophy in the Los Angeles Showcase with this routine.

Taryn’s elegance, poise, smoothness and expressiveness is part of what wowed the judges. She truly is an incredible ice skater. In fact, this video has drawn more than four million views.

Take a peek at her prize-winning routine for yourself by pressing in the video below.