Her Haunting Version Of ‘What Child Is This’ Is Bringing Tears To Everyone’s Eyes


Musician Lindsey Stirling leaves no room for question – she loves to perform. Her high-class performances are unforgettable.

As a violinist, dancer, performance artist and composer, she brings a unique flair to her anything she does. She is best known for her choreographed violin performances, both live and in music videos on her YouTube Channel, like the one below.

In this video, when she walks out into the beautiful falling snow, she begins playing a stunning Christmas classic, “What Child Is This.” But she puts her own spin on it.

Adorned in a lovely black headpiece, vintage scarf, and cozy sweater, Lindsey plays up the contrast between the outdoor winter backdrop of the pure white snow and icy trees. The scene is altogether beautiful, but she adds an even greater element of beauty to her performance by dancing.

Always enigmatic, she flows through the snow as she plays the strings of the violin with the most pleasant look on her face. She loves every moment and it’s amazing to watch.

Lindsey leaves all of the viewers speechless as she continues playing this heartwarming song. This talented musician’s aptitude is incredible, her skills truly God-given.

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