He Hit Record And Sat His Girlfriend In The Trunk


Asking someone to marry you is probably one of the most nerve-wracking things you can do. So when Isaac was thinking about proposing to his girlfriend, Amy, he made sure all of their family and friends were there for support in the most amazing way!

On Wednesday 23rd of May 2012, Isaac told Amy to meet him at his parent’s house with no explanation. She arrived at the property with no idea of what was in store for her.

When she arrived, Isaac’s brother directed her to sit on the back of his Honda CRV and placed a set of headphones over her ears. As Bruno Mars’ song ‘Marry You’ kicked in, the car set off out of the driveway and what unfolded in front of Amy’s eyes was a display that set a high standard for anyone ever wanting to propose to their girlfriend.

As the song goes on, more and more of her family and friends flood the street in front of her, performing a fantastic choreographed routine, complete with perfect lip synching.

They even managed to include friends who couldn’t be there on the day by having them dance along on laptops held up for her to see.

As the final chorus plays, the crowd parts down the middle for Isaac to walk forward in a smart, black suit with a ring in his hand. (If it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye then I will be very surprised!)

He gets down on one knee and officially proposes with the most beautiful speech. Amy of course says ‘Yes!’, much to the delight of all of the people watching.

The whole routine must have taken so much organising and rehearsal time; it looks amazing and is truly an unforgettable proposal. All their hard work paid off for a perfect, romantic moment and all the important people in their lives got to be there to share it with them.

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