He pulls her on the dance floor


Every era of time has its own specialty. Everyone had a specific belief, custom and way of life in every age. The music and dance also varied greatly with every decade. For instance, rock n roll was really big back in the 60s. Over the years, we’ve seen everything from twist, tap, hip hop and freestyle dances take the spotlight. The following video shows an incredible dance, and it is certainly a blast from the past.

Swing dance was very popular back in 1920s and 1950s. It was the hit of the day, and everybody in the parties and performance platforms copied this dance form to enthrall everyone in the room. It was kind of a fashion statement, or the trend back in the day. Even now, this dance form is very popular among younger generations, though they are quite a niche group indeed.

Even though we don’t normally see people swing dancing in the parties these days, there are enthusiasts that are keeping the dance form alive. Take for instance, the couple in this video below. This clip was recorded in a festival named “Rock That Swing” in Munich, Germany. This fest was held for five days, and there was non-stop music; 10 live bands were invited so that dancers could enjoy themselves any time they wanted. And these people surely enjoyed it to the fullest!