He Records His Dance


Dancing is an impressive art form with so many different styles to perfect and be talented in. But I have never seen somebody move like this before, and that’s because Sven Otten is notorious for a style of dancing that is all his own.

Sven of JustSomeMotion is known for his Youtube channel full of recordings of him dancing in his living room, and that’s what makes his performance all the better. He dances like nobody is watching and enjoys dancing in his living room to a camera more than on a stage to hundreds of people. Although, that being said, his videos have reached millions of views on Youtube because he is THAT good.

Sven learnt many different styles of dancing over the years and then combined them all to create his own style of movement.

The result is a dance style that looks like he is gliding across the floor as his legs and arms flail about in perfect synchronisation. It is impossible to take your eyes off him.

Combine Sven’s amazing dance moves with some catchy, uptempo swing music and you’ve got yourself a video that you’ll be bopping along to the whole way through. The way that Sven moves his body and how fast is feet move is nothing short of fascinating. You won’t have seen a dancer as skilled as him today!

Watch the video for yourself and prepare to be amazed, asking the question ‘how does he move his feet like that?’

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