He Sings “God Bless America”


During the 2013 World Series, Retired Naval Petty Officer Generald Wilson sang “God Bless America,” in honor of our country’s veterans. His performance is so powerful, that it is sure to leave you speechless!

It’s the seventh-inning stretch of Game 3, when they announce Generald Wilson to sing the patriotic song, “God Bless America.” The audience rises to their feet in respect, as he stands at home plate dressed in uniform. The song is intended to honor all of the soldiers who had recently returned home from overseas, many of which are in attendance of the game.

As Generald begins to sing, it immediately gives you chills. His voice is so deep and beautiful that it carries through the entire baseball stadium.

The crowd appears to be stunned by Generald and his rendition of a song that has so much meaning. However, when the camera shows the men and women in uniform – you get a sense that they are especially moved by their fellow-veteran’s emotional performance.