Home Free Takes New Chart Topping Song


When Home Free stepped in front of the camera to record this music video, no one guessed that their rendition of John Mayer’s “In The Blood” would be so moving! Individually, their voices are amazing…

But when they start singing together in harmony, the result is out of this world! Their spin on this chart topping song is absolutely beautiful.

You have to hear it for yourself to experience it. It’s incredible!

Most people don’t know that Home Free was founded in 2000 by Chris Rupp as a way to for him sing his heart out with his close friends. From there, the group gained attention.

The biggest initial success they enjoyed was when they won the grand prize on The Sing-Off in 2013. It set their course for the rest of the musical career path.

The men took their $100,000 cash prize and Sony recording contract and immediately got to work. Within the past years, Home Free has released nine albums and countless music videos!

Frontman Tim Foust told the Fairbanks Daily News that, over the past year, their preferred form of communication with fans has been through the music videos, not the radio. He explained that this direct line to loyal fans means that they get the most authentic, unaltered work.

It shows their personalities, their style, their heart and soul as they pour everything into each song and performance. Watching them perform is as incredible of an experience as hearing them sing.

That’s why this cover of John Mayer’s “In The Blood” is so powerful! The men of Home Free come together in a simple country setting to share their impressive vocal range and calm demeanor.

Their voices mesh perfectly and the song truly comes to life. It’s such an impressive rendition!

We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Home Free. From the looks of things, the sky’s the limit!

Listen to their chilling version of “In The Blood” for yourself in the video below.