Horse Trots In. When Music Changes, Routine Left Everyone’s Mouths Hanging Open


We’ve all seen footage of horses stampeding over sprawling hills, plunging into raging rivers and leaping over competitive obstacles – but nothing compares to this talented horse! Instead of simply jumping over bars and tiny trenches, this talented horse does something we’ve never seen: dance!

Dressage is the sport of horse dancing and this skilled equine knows all the moves! While dressage may seem like a new sport to some, it’s actually a worldwide phenomenon.

EquiWorld explains that dressage competition is a high-level, high stakes sport. It is judged on the paces, impulsion, submission and the riders’ effectiveness over a series of carefully prepared test movements.

“It is the judge’s responsibility to give guidance to the rider to tell them if they have consolidated the horses correct training enough at the level required before advancing.”

That means the rider in this particularly awesome routine, Andreas Helgstrand, and his trusty steed Blue Hors Matine have gone through hours upon hours of training before entering into the competition. They’re showcasing their style in the WEG2006 freestyle dressage and have advanced to the finals.

As the music changes, so do the horse’s dance moves. It’s incredible what this equine can do.

Some of the music used is typical for a dressage routine, as is the choreography. But some of the music selected for this exercise is awfully entertaining.

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