In 1954, Jerry Lewis Stepped On The Floor To Do The Jitterbug


The famous actor Jerry Lewis performed the Jitterbug. He was one of the most successful American comic actors, died in Las Vegas at the age of 91. In 1940, at the age of 14th, he played in theatrical productions.

From 1946 on the stage: she sang in Nightclubs and appeared on radio in a duet with actor and singer Dean Martin. In 1950, Jerry Lewis proclaimed “the most promising star of television.” Lewis Martin act review, comic reviews, musical programs, concerts burlesque.

There are several types of swing dances, developed in parallel with the musical style of “swing”. Swing spread geographically across cities, and then to countries, and everywhere found the interpretations both in music, and in movements.

One of these variations was the Jitterbug, which emerged in 30-ies of XX century on the basis of the Lindy hop. But if Lindy hop dance on 8 accounts (2 accounts for each stroke 4-stroke music), the Jitterbug – 6.

In Lindy hallmark is improvisation, while the Jitterbug can be easily recognized by jumps performed by the couple. The author of the name “Jitterbug” is considered to be Cab Calloway, in the performance of his orchestra in 1934 there was a topic called “Jitterbug”.

Today, the Jitterbug, and many other swing dances, is performed under any suitable modern rhythms, and the style was enriched by the movements borrowed from Steve and jazz.