Irish Groomsmen Line Up Across Floor— Now Millions Have Watched Their Spectacular Dance


Of everything special about a wedding day, the dances can certainly be the most memorable. Some get sentimental. Some like to get freaky. Some get slick. And if you’re Irish, you simply turn the dance into an epic stomp routine.

For Rob Wilson’s wedding, he wanted a dance performance featuring his groomsman that — on a scale from one to ten — would go to 11. Why? Because dancing at an Irish wedding is almost sacred. It takes tremendous commitment and footwork that’s out of this world.

After millions of views on YouTube, I would say Rob trained his men well. Many believe their performance is the best Irish wedding dance they’ve ever seen.

Following his marriage to Mairead McCargo in Belfast, Rob and his groomsmen — at least a couple dozen of them — lined up for their big show.

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