Jackie Evancho Takes The Stage With II Volo – Leaves Everyone Breathless With Beloved Christmas Hit


We’ve heard countless singers try to tackle”Little Drummer Boy” in the past, but none hold a candle to this breathtakingly beautiful rendition! Classical music singer Jackie Evancho and Italian power group Il Volo team up to sing an incredible version of “Little Drummer Boy” on The Today Show.

Their awe-inspiring voices fill the air and have us all begging for an encore!

While many of us know the words to “Little Drummer Boy” by heart, there’s a fascinating backstory that’s almost secretive! “Little Drummer Boy” was first released in 1958 and was actually called “Carol of the Drum” when it was created! It wasn’t a famous musician who wrote the song – in fact, it was a composer and American teacher named Katherine Kennicott Davis.

Even though a group called The Trapp Family sang the song shortly after its release, the tune didn’t gain nationwide popularity until Harry Simeone tried his hand!

Since its release and Simeone’s rendition, hundreds of artists have tried their hand at performing the carol – but nothing stacks up to Jackie Evancho and Il Volo’s rendition! Their performance leaves the Today Show staff in tears, as well as those watching online!

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