Jennifer Lopez In the Normal-Looking Dress


Jennifer Lopez absolutely stunned the American Idol crowd when she performed the beautiful ballad “Feel the Light,” which was featured in the animated film “Home.”

But she did so for two reasons.

Of course, her amazing voice was one of those reasons. But the crowd, and later the internet, was completed stunned by something else…. the dress she was wearing. And that’s because this was no ordinary dress.

It appeared so at first glance. A long white gown with a fitted corseted top, shoulder straps, and an insanely long flowing circular train that seemed to go on forever taking up most of the stage.

Well, that’s not an ordinary looking dress but it ended up being even more spectacular than that. About a minute into her performance the train starts to change color and turns into a black dress with stars that looks like a galaxy is about to swallow her up as it climbs up her torso.

The gown then becomes completely illuminated and ends up changing into various colors and patterns that show different planets and even scenes from the movie.
I mean that dress was out of this world and something that most people have never ever seen before.

“The gown is actually a dress with a 20-foot radius skirt attached to it,” explained stylist Rob Zangardi, according to Hollywood Reporter. “The look was inspired from an old vintage reference that we’ve been holding on to for a long time, waiting for the right moment.”

The dress, which was made from fabric from International Silks & Woolens in L.A., actually came in two pieces.

“There was the dress by Misha that gave us the top silhouette and the giant skirt was then placed over that,” explained Lopez’s other stylist for this look Mariel Haenn. And Lopez was more than pleased when she finally tried it on.

“It wasn’t until she stepped in and we took her picture in it and showed her how she looked in it that we got the ‘wow’ reaction!” said Haenn. “We were hoping to be able to make a dress that was stunning on its own but also simple enough to allow the animation and projection to be as functional as possible.”

The images that were projected onto the skirt had to be mapped out days beforehand so that they could properly attach the skirt.

“We wanted this to be spectacular yet elegant,” Zangardi added.
And he absolutely succeeded at that. You can watch her incredible performance in this breathtaking dress in the video below.

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