Jimmy Imitates Christina Aguilera


Tonight Show fans were in for quite the treat when Demi Lovato was invited to participate in Jimmy Fallon’s favorite game of “Wheel of Musical Impressions.” Reserved for only the most talented performers, Lovato does not disappoint with her stunning impressions of the famous singers that pop up on the screen before her.

Despite the tough challenge ahead, she keeps her cool from the very beginning. Anxious to spin the wheel and show Jimmy what she’s got, Demi takes a deep breath in, ready to wow the audience with her singing expertise.

She definitely does not disappoint the crowd. Her fans fall in love with her all over again with her impressions.

Previously played by Jamie Foxx and Adam Levine, Demi maintains an impressive air of confidence throughout the nerve-wracking game. Jimmy doesn’t let her confidence phase him, challenging her to a tricky one right off the back.

Demi doesn’t flinch, as she picks up the mic to belt out an uncanny impression of the one and only Cher. Despite knocking it out of the park, Jimmy manages to hold his own throughout the competition, too, delivering his own impressive impressions along the way.

It’s a battle to the end, that’s for sure. They’re both awfully competitive, but it’s all for fun. The crowd just eats it up!

Demi manages to finish the game strong though, with a spectacular Christina Aguilera impression that no one in the audience expected. Not only does the crowd go crazy, but Jimmy can hardly contain his excitement either!

Jimmy leaps out of his seat and gives the young star the standing ovation she rightfully deserves. Everyone is wowed by her hidden talent. Who knew that she could perform like this?

Watch the video below to see Demi stun with her spot-on impression of the Grammy winning star.