Jordan Frisbee and Emeline Rochefeuille – Champions Jack&Jill


Jordan Frisbee got Emeline Rochefeuille at the famous Invitational/Champions Jack&Jill at the sunday of Budafest. The game – introduced by Emcee TJ Bednash – this year was to pick a theme and get three songs. After every song they could choose if you wanna keep or switch the song. But only 2 times or you have to take the third song. Jordan and Emeline took the second song after a loud recommondation of the audience. And the song was the summer-hit of 1996 Macarena by Los del Rio. Jordan and Emeline did an amazing job with this song!

This girl and her interpretation is off the charts, so fluid, mesmerising and beautiful to watch and of course he was great too, just a super pairing. Enjoyed it a lot thanks.