Jordan Smith’s Version Of “Mary Did You Know?” Is So Magical Even The Grinch Would Shed A Tear


One of the best things about the holiday season is all of the festive Christmas music. This emotional performance has become a crowd favorite ever since it was released.
If you’re a fan of pop culture, the name Jordan Smith is probably familiar to you. The talented singer won “The Voice” a couple of years ago and has been captivating audiences with his incredible crescendos ever since.

Both of Jordan’s parents are musicians, so it’s no surprise that he was a natural talent. He was also involved with the church choir since he was a young boy. Now, he’s a college student in Tennessee and passionately performs with his university’s choir.

Smith took to the stage on The Voice to perform his own beautiful rendition of the Christmas classic “Mary, Did You Know?”

“Mary, Did You Know?” hit the music scene back in 1991 and immediately rose to the top of the Christmas charts. Since it’s release, many artists have covered the hauntingly beautiful carol. Pentatonix, Kenny Rogers, and Wynona Judd have all taken the tune and made it their own. It’s Smith’s rendition, however, that has become people’s favorite.

In Smith’s version of the Christmas classic, his rich, soothing voice carry the lyrics through the room, hitting notes that seem almost impossible.

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