Judges Convinced Tattooed Singer Is Pranking Them With Unreal Audition


Matthew Garwood doesn’t look like someone who’d start belting music from Broadway. With his rocker style and full-body tattoos, one might expect a heavy metal cover.

However, when Matthew began to sing, he stunned the entire The Voice: Australia audience.

Keep in mind that when it comes to The Voice, the judges are facing away from contestants. They have to listen and decide if they like what they hear; looks don’t figure into the equation.

And you could tell based on their reactions, they had an immediate appreciation for Matthew’s talent, even if they had no idea his voice hardly matched his look.

Although Matthew nailed his cover of the Phantom of the Opera song “All I Ask Of You,” from the earliest notes, there was a dilemma. There was only one spot left in the competition, and judge Ricky Martin had to make a crucial decision.

But it only took a couple of minutes of flawless singing for Martin to know Matthew was the “voice” he was looking for.

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