Judges Slam Buzzer Hearing Chilling Melody


When 17-year-old Solomia Lukyanets appeared on The Voice Kids as a 13-year-old, she looked every bit the young girl that she was. Wearing a floral patterned shirt and sporting pigtails and braces, Solomia’s voice completely belied her age.

A native of the Ukraine, Solomia was prepared to stun the judges with her glorious voice. She opted to sing the very challenging Andrea Bocelli classic “Time to Say Goodbye.”

She believed she would perform well, considering she’d already amassed several awards and titles. But the young girl had no idea that her beautiful voice would bring people to tears.

In the blind auditions of the second episode of Voice Kids Germany, Solomia showcased her exceptional voice by singing this difficult song. When the opening strains of the song began to play, two judges clasped their hands, showing how much they loved the piece.