Judges Watched Their Performance


They deserved that Golden Buzzer!

Sarah Jones is a famous salsa dancer, but she is widely known under her stage name, Paddy. Together with Nico, they take part in Britain’s Got Talent, and this audition remains one of the most memorable on the show. Of course, the judges are skeptical and we understand their astonishment when they see a lady of senior age, appearing in front of them and announcing that she is going to participate in the competition.

Her partner, Nico, is forty years younger than her, but he already won recognition from professional salsa dancers around the world. Together, this couple is the most exotic team you will ever find, and the performance literally makes jaws drop.

Judges can’t get enough of it. Paddy’s acrobatic moves will leave you stunned!

She is very confident when it comes to choreographing her own routine, and if you read about her life, you will find out that Sarah was living in Spain for a long time.

She started dancing when she was two years old, and when she grew up and her hobby became her calling, she continued to practice, attending the dance academy in Spain.

This woman is a role model for everyone, who thinks that age is just a number, and you can see that Nico supports her with all his heart. They decided to take part in Britain’s Got Talent to show us the power of dance, and this audition is highly praised by the judges and the audience.

Paddy and Nico are the king and the queen of the scene!