Junho Lee and His Student Deliver Incredible Dance Routine to Uptown Funk That Will Give You Chills.


If you want to know what it means to let your real talent flow and what happens when dancers unleash their hidden abilities, you should definitely watch the tape, made by 1MILLION Dance Studio. The performers are jamming to the world hit, called “Uptown Funk”, and this is one of the most energetic shows you may encounter on social media. 1MILLION is a powerhouse dance center that is located in South Korea.

It opened three years ago, but it already has more than 9 million followers on YouTube, and the videos, created by the studio, gain thousands of views within hours. If this is not a successful startup, we don’t know what it is.

In addition to providing the visitors with several classes a day, they do not focus on one direction, exploring many styles at once, and that’s what attracts the dancers to the studio and makes them come back for more classes. The dance below may look really challenging and impressive, but don’t let the first thought fool you into thinking that the project was created for professionals alone.

Lia Kim, who is one of the founders of the studio and the author of many routines, uploaded on the channel, says that the performers have beginners in mind every time they introduce their dance to the viewers. There are coaches, who have been performing since they first entered the studio, but that doesn’t mean they can’t teach the students to do the same.

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