Junho Lee and His Student Deliver Incredible Dance Routine to Uptown Funk That Will Give You Chills.


Together, they make the routine complete and turn the complicated process into approachable lessons for people, who have come to the studio for the first time. When the performers engage in beginner classes, they try not to make it feel like this is a tutorial and everyone should be following certain rules.

Instead, they prefer to create the atmosphere of friendliness that is appreciated by the choreographers and viewers alike. They are one big team, who are having fun together. Rather than thinking of trying to put on a show and impress everyone in the room, you should forget about your proficiency level and leave it all out on stage.

The coaches at the studio understand that you need the courage to come inside and show that you are ready to learn, but it’s the choreographers who make the deal real and figure out how they can turn their routines into a holiday. This seems like the effortless task for people from 1MILLION, and when you watch the choreography below, you want to get up and bust out some moves as well.

The energetic routine proves that you are witnessing one of the most impressive studios in the world, and if you haven’t heard about the project, you should definitely check it out now. “Uptown Funk” was the best choice for the team of dancers, and as they appear in front of us and jam to the rhythm, you know what an excellent performance means. Click on the video and enjoy the show!