Keith Urban’s Daughters Make Rare Public Appearance During 2017 Tribute Performance


The past year was one of great loss in the musical world. It was a year marked with the deaths of some of the world’s strongest musical figures, including Gregg Allman and Tom Petty.

It was a major year of loss for the country music community as well. Just a few legendary artists that country music lost in 2017 were Glen Campbell and Don Williams, who both had an immense influence on today’s country artists.

Keith Urban is one artist who felt inspired to pursue his dreams in country music after growing up listening to artists such as Campbell and Williams. But like many country artists of this generation, Urban was also influenced by artists outside of country music. As a result, he grew up regarding stars such as Allman and Petty as musical heroes as well.

After experiencing the loss of so many of his peers and icons in 2017, Urban decided to honor them the best way he knew how…through music. Urban was tasked with performing at the 2018 Jack Daniel’s Music City Midnight: New Year’s Eve celebration in Nashville, and took time out of his set to perform a multiple minute medley in honor of some of the musical stars we lost in the past year.

Speaking before his medley performance, Urban said that 2017 had been a “crazy year.” With tears in his eyes, he began to speak about all of the artists we lost, and spoke about how important they were.

“This year we lost a lot of our friends, a lot of musicians, a lot of the people that influenced me…and I wanted to put together this medley this year as we bring in the New Year to celebrate them and remember them tonight,” he said.

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