Keith Urban’s family on stage with him at New Year’s Eve tribute


Such a beautiful tribute! Nice to see the whole family too!

That was kind to have a tribute for the artist we have lost. Far too many. But the best part was his family on stage with him.

This tribute was so awesome for every single one of those Iconic Musicians! They were all great as individuals, and will be missed. Thanks for honoring them all! Have a blessed 2018!

Keith is a wonderful, talented human being. I love the realness and compassion he brings to the world through his music. All their music lives in our hearts and through performances by others!

The previous year was a major loss for the country music world. It was the year when deaths of some of the most influential musicians, including Tom Petty and Glen Campbell rocked the industry.

It was also a major loss for the country music community with the Las Vegas shooting.

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