Kelly Clarkson Sings Haunting, Emotional Song On Idol And Keith Urban Breaks Down


The result of Kelly Clarkson singing straight from the heart had the entire audience in a fit of tears. Here was a previous winner standing center stage on the show that changed her life, returning for the last season, singing one of her very own songs while pregnant.

The mountain of emotions was as high as could be. While the panel of judges were sat in the very front, their emotions could be seen as clear as the blue sky.

One judge in particular couldn’t hold back the tears from rushing down his face. This performance was amazing!

Watching her emotional performance while hearing just how beautiful she sounded, it didn’t take long for the tears to spring to everyone’s eyes out in the audience as well. Keith Urban couldn’t hide the fact that her touching song made a huge impact on his own heart.

Kelly Clarkson had a special way of delivering a performance that had you feeling what she felt. This song, ‘Piece By Piece,’ was one that she co-wrote with Greg Kurstin.

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