Kids Line Up For Dance Class


Who doesn’t like to dance? I don’t think I believe in the fact that there are people out there who would prefer to sit around rather than shake a leg. Yes, you may be shy to let loose in front of a crowd, but what’s stopping you from jamming to the beat in the privacy of your own home? Nothing!

Oh, how I wish I were a part of this dance class!

The clip starts off showing a class full of little kids ready to start. The instructor is most likely at the front of the room, beginning to direct her students; the camera then focuses on the little girl in the pink tutu.

We don’t know what’s going through her head, but as the rest of the class is following the instructions, this little ballerina is in a world of her own! She’s moving her hips, shaking her legs and arms, and dancing like no one is watching, and it’s the best thing that I’ve seen all day! She’s an excellent example of how people should dance as they please and not worry about what others think or say.

The little girl is winning at life, and we encourage you to take a look at her routine, below!