Lifemark Flash Mob: The World’s Oldest Flash Mob


Never seen such lovely ladies before!

It was an ordinary day, and you could see people hurrying through a shopping center, when something unexpected happened to catch the attention of the crowd. “Feelin’ Good Ooh La La” was on, and an elderly lady appeared in the center of the mall to drive everyone crazy. It was a dance to remember!

Standing in the middle of the square, she was the one to start a flash mob, which was later called the oldest gathering in the world. You will notice people stopping in their tracks to take a look at this performance, and the average age of dancers is seventy.

They are all full of life, and we think that this energy is amazing! However, the flash mob did have a purpose. An organization, called Lifemark, acted as sponsor.

Lifemark specializes in rating elderly homes and centers, and its management wanted to highlight the problem of advertising for seniors.

Ad campaigns need to address a specific demographic, and today, we have a chance to witness something truly extraordinary. Commercials should not be directed at young people only.

They need to embrace the style and the independence of the elderly, and this flash mob was not in vain. According to the users, Lifemark is doing right, and when you see these people dancing in the middle of the shopping mall, you will understand the true goal of this campaign.

They are so smooth that it is no wonder the video went viral. Watch now and tell us what you think about it!