Little boy with Down syndrome performs Whitney Houston song. He puts his heart and soul into it


When you sing, you should sing with your soul, not your voice.

I believe that songs are intended to touch people’s hearts and minds. That is why, it isn’t enough just to have beautiful voice and to perform well and it is not enough to compose nice poetry. Everything depends on the way the song is performed.

There are lots of singers, that seem to have a good voice, but they don’t touch your soul and they become forgotten very fast. Though, when the singer feels the song and performs it with the soul, it will never leave the audience indifferent.

There have been few artists who live up to the caliber of vocalist that Whitney Houston was. Her abilities were truly God-sent and her music was something that helped to lift up our world.

So, it’s nice to see younger generations appreciate her work even though she is no longer with us on Earth.

Though there have been many who’ve tried, there’s no one who can recreate a Whitney Houston song and have it be as beautiful as it was when she sang it. That’s was until we saw a 9-year-old autistic boy Dane Miller’s car karaoke version of Houston’s 1993 “I Have Nothing” which was on “The Bodyguard” soundtrack.

Dane, who hails from Prosper, Texas, was filmed giving the song everything he had in true Whitney Houston fashion while driving in a car. His aunt, Jeanne Miller, posted a video of his performance on Facebook.

That video went on to be viewed more than 27 million times on Facebook since she posted the video in July.

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