Little dancers step on stage


That’s lit! Positive emotions are guaranteed! Yasha and Daniela are incredibly talented children. On America’s Got Talent, they danced a magnificent Latin dance, and they made a real splash in the hall. Daniela is a girl confident in herself, she attracts the eyes of everyone sitting in the hall, from the first minute of appearing on stage!

This cute Duo is a pleasure to watch, sure that they will conquer Hollywood! So much artistry and grace! Young dancers Yasha and Daniela children dance Latin dances, ballroom dancing. Ballroom dancing is an incredibly elegant and beautiful art.

Today ballroom dancing is in great demand. After all, this is not just a physical exercise, but also the art of transmitting emotions through movements, which allows you to learn how to feel and own your body. This pair of kids came to the talent show to show how great they can dance. The judges first took it not seriously, too small participants.

But as soon as the kids start their room, the whole audience and judges were amazed by their skill! Daniela and Yasha amazing couple of dancers, the kids have a promising future, you just see how much energy in their performance! Well, for these talented kids parents prepared a great future.