Little girl dances how she feels and her performance outshines the rest dancers


If you are in a bad mood you should watch any video with funny kids and you’ll forget about all your problems at least for a while.

Few things can make me laugh nonstop and kids, doing cute and funny things, are pretty well in this. I adore them giggling, playing with animals or having fun with their parents. Children are incredibly cute and artistic by their nature.

So, when they try to do their best while performing it may not be so beautiful, but funny for sure. If you have some doubts, watch the video below and I’m sure it will make your day.

The little girls on stage were performing a tap routine, which involves shoes made with a special metal toe that makes a sound when you step. The idea is for the stepping sound of the shoe to contribute to the music, making advanced tap dancing a truly spectacular performance to watch.

However, with children this young, it can often be hard to get them to follow along with more complex moves. Therefore, the routines are usually very simple, only requiring a few foot taps instead of the lightening speeds we are used to seeing adults perform.

The routine in question was to the song “Broadway Baby” written by Stephen Sondheim. On stage, the little girls were dressed up in fancy, colorful costumes that featured frilly pink and purple tutus as well as sparkly tops and bows.

While most of the girls are trying their hardest to keep up with the tune, one girl close to the end simply goes off on her own direction completely, making up dance moves here and there.

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