Little Girl Records Her Dance


No matter where you are, when you listen to “Juju on that beat”, you have to get up and dance.

These girls from the YouTube channel called Frobabies know what we are talking about here. When it comes to energetic routines, they are fabulous, and though the younger sister is not allowed to shine as bright as the older one, we have to say that they win us over with their moves and sense of rhythm.

First, we see a girl who is ready to give a dance-off, and as the beat is playing in the background, we are prepared for something amazing. Her little sister is behind her, and they would make an adorable duet, but she is quickly pushed back by her sibling.

There is nothing she can do! Too small to participate! However, that does not upset the little performer as she is sitting on the stairs and repeating all the moves after her big sister.

She is hilarious, and the expression on her face says it all. If she can’t make it in the front, she will steal the show behind the sister’s back.

While the older one is a real professional and it is obvious she has been practicing for this performance, the tot on the stairs is still learning.

She is going to be an expert in no time, we are pretty sure of that, and though her moves may not be perfect, the enthusiasm and the energy are mesmerizing. Can you imagine the girl’s reaction when she turns around and discovers her sister has been imitating the dance all along?

We are cracking up!