Little girl sings Andrea Bocelli’s “Time To Say Goodbye”, keep an eye on the judges’ reaction


There are lots of incredible talent shows in the world. These shows have been helping unknown talent rise up to the surface. People who would never have gotten a chance to perform in front of a crowd are now finally being able to share their gifts to the world. We have come to know many amazing performers because of shows like Got Talent and The Voice. The video below features one of these amazing people.

Music is a universal language. It can cheer you up, it can make you cry, and it can even save lives! Sadly, some people seem to think that children don’t make good singers. However, they have been proven wrong repeatedly. Just take a look at this little girl for example. She shows us that even kids can belt out songs as perfectly as adults can. She is called Solomia and she her vocal skills are really out of this world! I am not even exaggerating!

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