Little Girl Tap Dancing to the Beat of Her Own Drum


Any fun-loving parent would be thrilled the moment his or her child in the spot-light. The parent will never see any fault in the child’s performance, and that includes the attires and the tunes. All the mom or dad wants is a good recording of a few weeks of their child’s revered performance, even though it might turn into an absurdity when the performer becomes an adult.

In this video, you witness an interesting performance of ‘Broadway Baby’, a song by Stephen Sondheim. However, from the word go, you’ll notice that the video isn’t about the loveliness of the song, but rather the unique performance of this cute lady at the second right of the screen. You notice that whatever you’re seeing doesn’t go with the beat, and it’s now creating a memory of its own. It might be worth noting that this song is actually a ‘Follies’ musical form 1971, and has seven Tony Awards in its custody.

Now, here is a lady doing her own dance, which doesn’t even rhyme with other dancers. The amazing thing is that she doesn’t care much about the fact that she’s disrupting other dancers with her off-pitch moves. She goes on anyway, and this is going to cause her parents to adore her for a long while. Though you might think she wasn’t qualified to be on the team, this really is a perfect moment of memory creation!