Little Girl Walks Up As Street Performer Starts Playing A Classic


This kind of performance is like nothing you have ever seen before – unless you have seen musicians from all corners of the world collaborate, perform the same music for the same amazing cause, and compile a CD of it all.

That is the story of what is called Playing For Change, and you are about to witness what they do…

The musicians featured here are going viral and it’s easy to understand why! Playing For Change seeks to spread the joy of music across the world – literally.

The musicians you see in the video below have come from cities like New Orleans, Santa Monica, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo, and even other countries such as Italy, Brazil, and Cuba. And that’s just the start of locations of over 200 musicians involved in Playing For Change.

In the video below , Roger Ridley from Santa Monica, USA, and Grandpa Elliot from New Orleans lead the bands in the classic beloved song, “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay.”

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