Little Girls Line Up Like Toy Soldiers


When three young girls got together to decide on their yearly dance competition theme, they had one character in mind. Given that it was around the holiday season, toy soldiers are seemingly in every department store’s Christmas display, along with Mrs. Claus, Santa, and all their reindeer. It’s a toy that’s been around for generations, originating in Germany in the 17th century. Nutcrackers were traditionally given as gifts for Christmas, signifying good luck and protection against evil spirits. The toy soldiers are painted in colorful colors, often with decorative coats and hats.

So naturally, when Jamieson Deacy, Kendyl Fay, and Ella Montano decided on a toy solider theme for their next dance competition, they knew their uniforms and dance routine had to make an impression. With blue shorts and white suspenders, these girls put together a dance routine that had the entire crowd cheering.

Once you realize how these girls turn their dance routine into a show-stopping performance, you’ll see what all the fuss is about!

The video starts out with the three girls – Jamieson, Kendyl and Ella – on the Orange County Performing Arts Academy’s competition stage. They are bent at the waist, standing in a line. As the music starts, they jolt up and put their hands up. Then, magic starts to happen as these girls show the audience their incredible skills. They put on quite a performance, and leave the audience in awe of their sheer talent. Watch these three little girls light up the room in the video below!