Little Spider-Girl Left The Judges Speechless! This Video Is Definitely Worth Watching And Then Watching It over And Over!


The girl came to the “Next Star” show. Her talent is breathtaking. Inflexible, but flexible, tough, but elastic — the most compact girl in the world! Children’s gymnastics develops balance, flexibility, agility, coordination, strength and endurance, and most importantly – the ability to overcome their fear.

It is also famous for being an excellent base for any sport. Here the physical activity goes along with flexibility, sense of rhythm, coordination of movement, plasticity and elegance. Like ballerinas, gymnasts are very proud bearing, plastic movement, finely figure.

Formed in parallel the ability to present itself: the straightened shoulders, straight back, smile, tilt of the head. Even after finishing his sports career all of these qualities remain with the young lady.

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