Looks Like An Ordinary Drawing


Some people use paint brushes – while others opt for pencils, but Paul Smith chooses to create his unique style of art with something we’ve never thought of before. When inspiration strikes, Paul sits down in front of his trusty typewriter and produces artwork that is leaving the Internet in awe.

The most shocking part about it all is that Paul suffers from a medical condition that should make creating art nearly impossible. Paul was born in 1921 and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after. Most of his childhood was spent trying to cope with his condition and compensate physically.

Sports were out of the question and playtime for him was different than for the other children, but there was an artistic flame the burned deep in his soul. That’s why Paul was determined to find a way to express himself – and what he landed on was the typewriter.

With all of the excitement he can muster, Paul strikes away at the typewriter keys. He methodically presses each one, carefully carrying out the image in his head onto the paper before him.

It’s a craft that’s taken decades to perfect and the final result is absolutely stunning! As a longtime resident of Rose Haven Nursing Home in Oregon, his incredible pieces of framed art line the walls of the hallways there.

Paul pulls from the places he’s visited or lived at for inspiration when creating cityscapes or landscapes. He’s even typed out animals, patriotic statues and portraits.

How does he do it with a typewriter? Paul uses 10 symbols that he combines to create images on paper. Sometimes he’ll use or colored ribbons for a certain effect he’s seeking. For example, when he typed out his creation of the Mona Lisa, he used the pound sign or hash mark to create facial details. The @ symbol doubles for desk drawer knobs in a picture he created of his bedroom. Of course, his beloved typewriter is prominently displayed on his desk in this recreation.

Those who know him say the artist is even more inspiring than the art, given the way he’s modified his life to accommodate for his disability that still allows him to generate such beautiful depictions on paper.

The residents and staff at the nursing home are the only family he has left and they say his dedication to his God-given gift is amazing. Paul also is deeply religious and knows his artistic ability is a gift from God. He’s even typed out a beautiful version of The Last Supper. Paul says it’s his faith and his finger that keep him going day after day.

It’s easy to see why so many people are mesmerized with this unique style of art!