How to make a DIY tire planter


There are few things more entertaining for kids than a garden project, and when one project can also recycle old junk and beautify the yard, what’s not to love? Bubbly South African gardening guru Tanya Visser has a blast showing how to help young ones create large garden planters by upcycling discarded tires.

In the video produced by Visser’s The Gardener Magazine, she uses PVA primer as a base coat for the tires, after lying down some plastic to protect the grass. A water-soluble PVA is great for kids to use, because when — not if — they get the paint somewhere it shouldn’t be, it will easily wash off.

Let the kids apply the PVA paint liberally, filling in the grooves on the tires. After they’ve painted all of the tires, stack them into any arrangement that you’d like, using the widest tire as the base. Make sure the the bottom is lined with a plastic outdoor trash bag, and poke a couple of holes in the bag for drainage.

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