Man Goes Out On Balcony Every Day And Plays The Same Song. Now Watch How His Neighbors React


As the water in Puget Sound gently laps along the coastal edge of a quaint neighborhood in Tacoma, the sounds of “Taps” can be heard blowing across the area at sunset. The song known best for its role at military funerals has understandably been affecting all of the neighbors. So who is behind this musical mystery? It is retired aerospace employee Don Brittain who, in his Golden Years, decided to take his trumpet, step out on his balcony and play the song at sunset each day. The ritual had the community talking for good reason.

Every morning, Don checks the paper for the exact time of sunset and every afternoon he practices the song that holds so much meaning for many. Don told CSB News that he zones out when he plays “Taps” for others, trying to play it as best he can in honor of fallen soldiers.

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